Childhood Executive Functioning Inventory

Adult Executive Functioning Inventory


At the moment, the CHEXI is available for download in English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Galician, Persian, Dutch, and both simplified and traditional Chinese (links to the right). We hope to soon be able to present several more language versions of the CHEXI (e.g. German, Norwegian, Danish, and Japanese).


From 2016, there is also an adult version of the CHEXI called the Adult Executive Functioning Inventory (ADEXI). At the moment, the ADEXI is only available in Swedish and English.

Please contact Lisa Thorell ( if you wich to use the CHEXI or the ADEXI and the questionnaire is not available in your language.


Please note! If you have downloaded the CHEXI from this website before August 15, 2012, please download the questionnaire again as we were experiencing some problems with the first versions of the translations.

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