Childhood Executive Functioning Inventory

Adult Executive Functioning Inventory

Teenage Executive Functioning Inventory

The Childhood Executive Functioning Inventory (CHEXI) is a rating instruments for parents and teachers that was developed in 2008 for measuring executive functioning in children age 4-12 (although it has been used with children as young as 3 years in at least one study). In 2018, the adult version of the CHEXI referred to as the Adult Executive Functioning Inventory (ADEXI) was presented. The ADEXI is available both as a self-report and as a rating for a significant other (e.g. a partner, parent, or close friend). Finally, a teenage version of this instrument called the Teenage Executive Functioning Inventory (TEXI) was presented in March 2020.

All three instruments are freely available for both researchers and clinicians. However, please note that normative data for these instruments are not yet available. As it is not possible to determine the exact cut-offs for what should be consided as a deficit without establishing norms for individuals of different ages, this means that these instruments are probably so far of most value for researchers.


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The CHEXI, ADEXI and TEXI are freely available in several different languages. Please see the link below for all free downloads.


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Please consult the link below for information about CHEXI, ADEXI and TEXI subscales:

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The CHEXI, ADEXI and TEXI have been used in several scientific studies, of which many can be downloaded from the link below:

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